Cornerstone International

During my Global Engagement class, we were tasked with reviewing four different charity organizations and choosing the one that we felt was most deserving of a $100 donation from our class. After reviewing each charity extensively, in my opinion, Cornerstone International should receive the $100 donation for four different reasons:

  1. Cornerstone International is a local organization which leaves less room for money to be embezzled, or to simply perpetuate a large charity that is not making fiscally sound decisions. Donating to local charities is an easy way of making sure that our money is going to help the causes for which our donations were intended.
  2. Cornerstone International integrates both business and charity into their organization which significantly increases sustainability. I also found their strategy of partnering with multiple businesses in a specific region to increase overall productivity and stimulate the economy. When a community’s economy gains wealth all of the people living within the community also benefit. I also really liked their holistic design when entering into a partnership with underdeveloped communities, because I think that it is important to examine every aspect of a society to maximize results.
  3. I also really liked that Cornerstone International took into consideration social and cultural differences in the developing countries that they assist. A lot of charities seek to westernize these developing countries and do not take into consideration the fact that just because a community doesn’t replicate the ‘American’ way of life does not mean that they are incapable of being successful and prosperous.
  4. After having the opportunity to speak with Chad and Tara in class, I am confident that they are both well-educated and equipped to work in under-developed areas productively while also refraining from infringing on the community’s individualism. I really believe that they both have a heart for the work that they do, and are devoted to making a sustainable impact in these communities.

For more information on Cornerstone International check out their website in the link below:

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