International Student Speakers Bureau

This past week, in my Becoming Globally Engaged seminar, we had a guest panel from ISSB – the International Student Speakers Bureau – and were given the opportunity to ask these students questions about their experience in the United States and their impressions of Americans. It was an incredible insightful experience and I feel that I learned a lot about the different perspectives of the students who came and spoke. There were a few specific insights that I found to be especially interesting. One of which was the comment made about Americans being incredibly lazy – not even willing to walk 30 feet to their destination. This really hit home with me because I, myself, have been guilty of this. As Americans we have become accustomed to having everything given to us on a golden platter; we have come to a point where we take what we have for granted. This comment was followed up by the comment that we are far more individualized, and do not place nearly as much importance on family as other regions of the world. I have always considered this as a positive quality unique to the United States; however, after hearing from a different view point I can also see the negative aspects of this way of life. I had never before taken the time to appreciate the cultural aspect of community that positively impact a society. Perhaps my favorite comment made was the final comment made about American politics and, specifically, Donald Trump. I really appreciated the brutal honesty of this comment – Americans want to be opinionated about politics, but are unwilling to take the time to inform themselves on the very issues that they are opinionated. While discussing Donald Trump there was a general consensus amongst the panel members that the prospect of Trump becoming president is legitimately frightening for foreign nations. I could not possibly agree with them more, and I would go so far as to say his presidency is not only a fear for International powers but also to American citizens.

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