Mid-Semester Meeting

About a month ago, I attended my mid-semester meeting with Jaci to discuss how I was progressing through as a Global Engagement Fellow and as a student in her Becoming Globally Engaged class.

I think that my meeting went extremely well! I am really happy that I got some feedback on my video script, because I had been struggling to nail down exactly what  message I wanted to convey. However, after my meeting, I am feeling much more confident in my video and am excited to begin planning. It was also really great to have the opportunity to hear about Mosaic – a social justice conference held at OU. I really like the idea of a mid-semester meeting, because I think that it insures that each student is on the same page as the professor and helps to keep students accountable.

This semester has been incredibly busy thus far, but I really enjoy always having something to do. I have been most excited about the multiple opportunities I have been given to become involved in Anti-trafficking on the OU campus this semester. Just recently I was asked to co-host the Off The Market Symposium and, although it has been stressful, It has been a great learning experience and opportunity to connect with other students and faculty members.

I have no regrets about how I have handled this semester. However, during the spring semester I plan to be more careful in choosing the clubs that I commit to. I am a strong believer in being entirely dedicated to a few clubs rather than spreading yourself too thin by joining a lot of clubs. I think that this will help to relieve a lot of stress during my second semester at OU.

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